Important notes for retuning families or families with current students in SDCA 舊生/在校生家長請注意:
Please sign in here. Do not use this form to create another new account! So we can keep tracking your payment history and students class assignment. If you need any assistance, please contact Thank you for your coopration.
請由此連結登入. 不要再開新帳戶! 我們才有您的付款紀錄與學生的在學資料. 若需任何協助, 請寄電子郵件至 感謝您的合作.

For new families 新學生家長:
Welcome! Please fill out the form below to create a new account. Information collected below is for family address and the parents who would be managing the account, not the prospective students. Once the account is established, student information could be entered when signed-in with the new user.
歡迎您! 請填寫此表格申請新帳戶. 先填寫家長資料, 等成功登入之後再加入學生資料.

Create User For New Family ONLY 新家長申請新帳戶
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